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Supply Drop INCOMING!!!!

Welcome back to our slightly overdue post. Thing got a bit chilly here in Texas last month so we had a bit of a slow down but just a slow down. We've been slowly trying to expand some more into a few areas we don't see too much online and trying to fill a little niche. We just got a stock of Warhammer 30k Legion upgrade bits from Forgeworld! We've seperated themm out so you can pick up what you need to make a Lord or Special Character or spruce up a special unit. We aim to try to make these a regular stock item as the distribution allows. Also we have an assortment of Necromunda bits and some of the card sets coming down the pipe soon so keep an eye out for those as well! plans for filming battle reports are still in the works. Current restrictions and space are all that are going to keep us from getting the ball rolling any faster on that. new stock rotates in every few days so be sure to keep those notifications on so you dont miss any of the new stuff! Till next time! Keep playing !!


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