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Arriving this week from GW is our shipment of the NEW Horus Heresy 2.0! Its going to be an amazing release weekend with our store flush to the gills with new amazing bits and products.

Our aim is to have all the bits and parts for those who either can't get the new box or just don't need all the stuff in it or just need the main rulebook and or templates and dice. The kits will be all broken up similarly to our existing Mark 3 and Mark 4 kits so you can mix and match to your hearts content. We will also have the new Spartan Tank, Diemos Rhino and plastic Contemptor Dreadnought rife for conversion as these too will be broken down so that the Boys can do a proper looting job. We'll also have a limited quantity this week of the Special Weapons and Heavy Weapons for you to add to your existing armies or add to your brand new Heresy force.

In a bit of a crazy move we'll also have the new Kratos Tank sorted out into its component parts for purchase. This promises to be a real interesting weekend and we hope you've all got your clippers and glue ready to build some toy soldiers. We'll be working through the weekend to make sure we get all the fun things in for you to add to your shopping carts. We'll also have a small restock early next week of some of the items we had limited quantities on this weekend so if you missed out on something be sure to add it to your watch lists and keep an eye out for restocks!!

Also make sure to tag us on your socials so we can see what you get up to! we love seeing all the conversions and army projects from our community!! Sometimes we even share them if you're so inclined.

Thanks for an Amazing Year so far!!


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