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Happy Holidays From the Attic!!

Apologies for the lack of updates on our part. We've been extraordinarily busy and these are unique times we are in at the moment, aaaanyway...on to the updates!!

We're finally fully settled into our new location and business has been brisk and plentiful! New factions have been added slowly but surely as our business grows and expands and we'll be adding Age of Sigmar bits in the coming year. We still plan to start filming battle reports and do an invitation type format for when guests want to come in and play once the Studio is fully set up. We have brought on board the amazingly talented Leah Rose to help us out on the Social Media side. We talked about it in the last blog post but it cant be overstated how much she'll bring to the table to help our little bitz business grow.

Starting in the new years we plan to have a Warhammer 40k Crusade Campaign with Myself and two other players battling it out for control of the Attic Wargaming System..not a great catchy name but we are open to suggestions. I'll be posting the updates for the campaign here on a monthly and the games will posted on the day of on our Attic Wargaming Instagram @atticwargaminghouston . Give us a follow to ..well ...follow along. it should be a fun tiime the campaign will run for an undecided(as of the writing of this post)length of time as schedules are a fickle thing right now.

Possibly the next blog post will be done by the illustrious Leah Rose and we will also be expanding the blogs to include all manner of topics from Wargaming and Store updates to Pop Culture and Cosplay. I'll also be throwing my hat in to the Cosplay Arena by finishing a re-fit of a Space Marine suit in the coming year, hopefully in time for Comicpalooza next summer.

With luck this next year will be less.....turbulent...yeah we'll go with that and look forward to more great things and prosperous times. Have a safe Holiday and Great New Year!!

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also Check out Leah's socials! All he links are on the landing page or look for her in everything under


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Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia
May 08, 2022

Christmas in May!

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