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Attic Wargaming and Noes Attic Online! Guest Starring Leah RoseFTW

For all the new people who have been visiting our humble little corner of the internet I say WELCOME!!! We here at Noe's Attic Online strive to be the place where you can you can shop with confidence for any and all the bitz and in some cases kits that you will need to convert units, characters and vehicles for your games of Warhammer 40k. We have an expansive selection from most of the ranges available and are constantly working to expand to new lines so we can better serve our customers. Each order is hand picked meticulously and packed with care to assure the products you order arrive to you safely and accurately. if you don't receive any part of your order or have any questions about a particular item in our inventory we are always glad to answer and address those questions and issues.

Attic Wargaming is the fledgling YouTube Channel we have that we will be working to add content to over the next year. We have lots of plans in the works from modeling tutorials to Warhammer 40k Battle reports and new product reviews! Stay tuned and if you happen to be so inclined give our little channel a visit and subscribe so you can be the first to see the new things as we grow.

Speaking of YouTube we will likely be adding edited versions of our Twitch streams to the content there. We currently are working on getting our ducks in a row to start streaming before the end of the summer.

I cant talk about our Twitch streaming plans without talking about our media Partners.

Currently we do quite a bit of cross promotion you've probably seen on our Instagram and Facebook page with an amazing Cosplayer and Streamer Leah Rose. She's a Hawaii based Veteran Cosplayer with convention appearances across the country. She also is a part time Mermaid at Sea-Life Park in Honolulu and does Appearances for many charities including the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I've been working with her on her streams and she's been guiding me on the ins and outs so i can provide an entertaining stream for all those interested. With that list of credentials you can see why we gladly support her and cross promote.

That's all for now but i hope this was informative and gives you a small glimpse into the plans we have coming up.


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